For Leagues, Unions, Associations and Federations

Former, current and future Athletes and Players have the power to change the world.

Prepare your athletes and youth for life by helping them to launch their own social businesses, shape their social impact and learn new skills.

Example: Athlete Entrepreneurship

The Athlete 365 Business Accelerator is a free-to-use entrepreneurial journey funded by Olympic Solidarity, which provides athletes with the tools to kick-start and then supercharge their business idea. Each year, more than 500 athletes take part in the Athlete 365 Business Accelerator; over 150 have their business ideas incubated, and 25% of these projects complete the acceleration stage.

Check out the A365 Business Accelerator

Example: Youth Leadership

The IOC Young Leaders programme, launched in 2016, empowers young people from around the world to leverage the power of sport to make a positive difference in their communities. With the support of seed-funding from the IOC and a network of mentors, these inspiring young people have delivered over 100 initiatives reaching over 30,000 individual participants.

Check out the IOC Young Leaders Programme