Professor Muhammad Yunus

Professor Muhammad Yunus

Co-founder Professor Muhammad Yunus is a Nobel Peace Laureate, Olympic Laurel awardee, Bangladeshi economist, and founder of the Grameen Bank, the world’s first dedicated microcredit institution. He is also known as the "father of social business" and as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time.

Our Golden Rules

We are a social business ourselves; part of the global Yunus and Grameen ecosystem that exists to champion the social business model and mobilise social entrepreneurs. Day-to-day, our team follows three guiding principles:

Solve real and pressing human problems

Operate in a financially, self-sustainable way

Help those who need it most

Meet the team

The Team

We're building an entrepreneurial, global and purposeful team to lead and grow our work in sport and social business for years to come. Our team is global and fully-remote, and complemented by a team of 100+ specialists and experts who deliver activities for us in more than 40 countries.

Yoan Noguier

Having led procurement at Rio 2016, Yoan started helping mega events to leverage their economic power to solve local social issues. In this framework he met Professor Yunus in 2017 and started a succesful collaboration - resulting in the creation of Yunus Sports Hub.

Hans Reitz

As the creative advisor of Prof. Yunus, Hans has devoted himself to advancing social business since 2007. He & Prof. Yunus co-founded the Grameen Creative Lab, which now advises large-scale enterprises in social business development. Hans is also the founder of Circ Events.

Yoko Youssouf

Yoko has led the creation and management of several sport and social business interventions with NGOs in Asia and across the globe. Yoko is focused on empowering athletes to create new economic opportunities for themselves and for others.

Clément Delcourt

Clément is a serial social entrepreneur and committed humanitarian who has spent much of his career working in Western Africa, supporting others to become entrepreneurs.

Marisa Schlenker

Marisa is a former professional footballer who has spent more than 10 years delivering and managing sport for development interventions all over the world. Marisa has a specific interest in projects that empower women and girls through sport.

Carolina Maciel

Carolina has more than 10 years' experience in business administration and procurement, working in markets across Brazil, Spain, the Middle East, China and India.

Gabriela Matus Bonilla

Gabriela is a former International Olympic Committee Young Leader and a member of the IOC Women in Sport Commission. She has founded a number of social businesses focused on accessibility and inclusion in South America.

Eve Viguier

Eve is a Peace and Sport Youth Leader who is passionate about sport for development and social entrepreneurship. Eve is also 2nd dan Black Belt in Judo and has been involved in and witnessed several programmes around the world using Judo and other sports to change lives.

Thomas Van Schaik

Serving as the former Global Brand Director of Adidas and the CCO of the Dutch National Olympic Committee, Thomas is an authority in the engagement of fans, in the development of impactful sports experiences and in the creation of meaningful brands.

Ghina Chehwan

Ghina is a content creator eager to drive social change through sport. Her experience includes sports reporting and journalism, translation, copywriting and storytelling, and with her curious mind, she is always up for new challenges. As a parkour athlete and through her different projects, she’s had hands-on experience in sports and social business.

Lauriane Andriamampianina

Lauriane is a dedicated advocate for the realization of Human Rights, responding with unwavering integrity and compassion to the diverse needs of individuals. With extensive experience in the nonprofit and development sectors, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership in Southeast Asia. Lauriane's multifaceted skills shine as she adeptly secures substantial funding, cultivates and sustains meaningful donor relationships, and identifies strategic opportunities for impactful growth.

Yara Karam

With roots in Lebanon and a global perspective cultivated through years in Canada, Yara brings a fresh approach to communication and design. With both a BComm in Human Resources and a Master's Degree in Visual and Digital Media from IE University, she adds a touch of human perspective to her work. Yara's love for dodgeball speaks to her adventurous spirit. Her dream is to create her own startup business involving "Digital Art Therapy," following her success in the IE Venture competition as one of the top 20 finalists.

The Yunus and Grameen Family

We are a proud spin-off of The Grameen Creative Lab, the leading incubator and creative consultancy serving society’s most pressing needs through social business. Together, we form part of a global ecosystem of more than 5000 experts and organisations, including: - More than 60+ global social businesses such as the Grameen Trust, Grameen Shakti and Grameen America - Joint ventures with global corporates including Grameen Danone and Grameen Uniqlo - Over 100+ University Social Business Centres and in-country Yunus organisations. - Sector specific partners, including Yunus Environment Hub.

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