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For career support:

Athlete365 – the comprehensive career support network for athletes everywhere.

For more about social business:

A comprehensive list of Professor Yunus’s books and articles that describe social business in detail, provide examples of successful ventures globally, and walk through various ways that you can engage in social business.

(available through ebooks and audio books)

For more about Sport for Development:

SportandDev.Org – A globally-recognized meeting-point for the Sport for Development sector, with tools, articles, news, academic publications and regional resources.


For in-person community-building

Global Social Business Summit & Social Business Day – the preeminent gatherings for social business experts, advocates, researchers, investors and entrepreneurs  globally. Check out the info and get in touch with us for potential speaking opportunities.

For regional support:

Yunus Social Business Centers – more than 70 university centers spread across all five continents – email us with your preferred location and we can connect you with a center for developing your regional support network.

For online community:

Social Business Pedia is an online catch-all for the social business world. It’s not only an encyclopedia for all things social business, but it is also a space for connecting online with the global social business community. You can create a profile here to get started.

“..things are never as complicated as they seem. It is only our arrogance that prompts us to find unnecessarily complicated answers to simple problems.”


Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty

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As universities increasingly offer sport-based degrees, Prof Yunus invites us to critically consider program design: how do we build on existing knowledge about sport’s socio-economic power? By helping students to practically apply it, to try without fear of failure

Muhammad Yunus@Yunus_Centre

Universities Are Responsible For Both Creating and Discarding Knowledge

Education, education, education 📚

UWW's future stars attended an Athlete365 Career+ workshop in Mexico to remind them of the importance of planning for their career after sport.

Learn more about the Athlete365 Career+ Outreach workshop programme👇

@MarieBarsacq @Paris2024 fait étape avec @Bpifrance à @VilledePantin pour le #TDF2019 de l'entreprenariat des quartiers :

"Ici, avec cette énergie, vous devez travailler les uns avec les autres pour répondre aux opportunités. La plateforme #ESS2024 @Les_Canaux vous y aidera!"


Peace and Sport advocated on how social business can strengthen peace-through-sport initiatives, on the occasion of the 9th Social Business Day.

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