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Whether sport advances your bottom line, or it is your bottom line, we help sport-affiliated organizations solve problems that threaten their communities. Through social business activity, we make your relationships more socially & economically sustainable.

our challenges

Athlete Support

Clubs, committees and federations are responsible for ensuring athlete wellness. But resources often fall short for addressing the various challenges facing athletes.Our responses to these challenges:

– Provide business basic education to athletes as training or reconversion program
– Help athletes creating their business, and train them to become successful entrepreneurs
– Accelerate athletes businesses and organize funding structures

sustainable and inclusive sporting events

Sport events are notorious for social & environmental damage. We often hear the question: how can we create sustainable outcomes for these events?

– Design inclusive impact and legacy regimes
– Launch sport, education and civic programs that can coincide with events while providing opportunities for the community
– Develop implementation plans for positive social and environmental contribution

social business programs

we help you solve problems in your community

– Helping you identify/validate a problem you are trying to solve.
– Implementing social business solutions to tackle the problem.
– Facilitate the development of social business ventures within your organization that involve members of the community

I believe that we can create a poverty-free world because poverty is not created by poor people. It has been created and sustained by the economic and social systems that we have designed for ourselves; the institutions and concepts that make up that system; the policies that we pursue.



Solution examples

Paris 2024-
ESS 2024
Sport for Inclusion promotion – Kabubu
Change Maker+

Paris 2024 – ESS 2024 Program

2024 Summer Olympics, 7 Billion Euro Budget, and a city ready to pioneer sustainable solutions. With Centre Yunus Paris, Les Canaux, and Paris 2024, we designed a platform that engages the city’s social business sector in commercial opportunities for the Games. We then equip the sector with business development resources.

Athlete365 Business Accelerator

The Athlete365 platform supports Olympic athletes internationally. For athlete career development, we designed a Business Accelerator. This three-phase program empowers athletes as entrepreneurs, taking them from business concept development; product & service testing; and mentoring.

Sport for Inclusion promotion - Kabubu

We provide increased exposure and business development opportunities to sport-based social business initiatives, like Kabubu, a young Paris-based organization that provides sport inclusion programming that connects refugees and the local community.

Young Change Makers + program

We help organizations develop brand awareness and social engagement by mobilizing and equipping young athletes as social business creators, advocates and active ambassadors. We do this through online community-building and through offline, peer-based, and interactive trainings.