for athletes

You wake up every morning to be your best for competition.
We help you to wake up every morning and be your best for your community.

Your challenges, our challenges

You have enormous potential to solve challenges facing you, fellow athletes, and your community.
We help unlock that potential.

Athlete Poverty

Athlete Poverty

We know the majority of athletes do not earn a liveable salary from their sport. Years of solving poverty at its core helps us deliver solutions adapted to athletes.

Education & Retirement

Education & Retirement

Giving up education for training, and creating a retirement plan are difficulties that weigh on many young athletes.

Finding Purpose

Finding Purpose

The challenge of identity in life after professional sport can be crippling. Social business provides an outlet for developing identity and purpose as a champion outside of competition.

I’m encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than just making money. Making money is no fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun.



Our Solutions, your solutions

We build relationships, examine root problems and design solutions with and for athletes. These solutions create a better quality of life for individuals, teams, and communities.

Below are examples of solutions for athletes we currently have running:

Athlete Entrepreneurship Programs
Social Business Champions
Athlete Entrepreneur Fund

Athlete Entrepreneurship Programs

We teach entrepreneurship fundamentals to athletes across the globe, and empower them as entrepreneurs through intensive coaching and one-to-one mentorship. One example of this work is the International Olympic Committee initiative, the Athlete365 Business Accelerator. We deliver a three-part educational series that features online and offline coaching, collaboration, and business model refinement. The program incorporates support throughout the business implementation and sales process and is carried out with athletes on all 5 continents.

Social Business

When you compete, the world watches. When you speak, the world listens. When you lead, the world follows. We want to help you use your influence to achieve sustainable social change. Whether you want to learn more about the power of sport and social business; you want to start or promote a social business; or if you want to be part of a community of social business entrepreneurs, the social business champions program hits all these targets.

Athlete Entrepreneur

Modeled after the successful Grameen Trust’s Nobin Udyokta (young entrepreneur) program, which provides startup funding to children of Grameen Bank borrowers, we are developing a fund dedicated to providing startup grants to impoverished athlete entrepreneurs. Professor Yunus’s work the past 30 years proves that support for people to become entrepreneurs helps to break the cycle of poverty and distribute wealth more equally.