On 13 September, 2017, Paris was selected as a host city of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will be four years after Tokyo 2020. How does Paris see the Olympics as an opportunity for transformation of the society? We had an interview with the leaders of ESS 2024 platform (Elisa Yavchitz of LES CANAUX and Yoan Noguier of YUNUS SPORTS HUB), which plays the role of a catalyst between the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee and social economic actors.

ESS stands for “Economie Sociale et Solidaire” – Social and Solidarity-driven Economy in French.

The Olympics will be a trigger to expand the social economy

– Could you tell us background and roles of LES CANAUX and YUNUS SPORTS HUB?

LES CANAUX is a private organization founded by the City of Paris in 2017, which supports social businesses, small and medium businesses (SMEs), circular economies and other sectors whose primary purpose is to have a positive social and environmental impact, in Paris and in France.

YUNUS SPORTS HUB is a social business which mission is to promote and implement the concept of social business in the world of sport, to solve social and environmental issues. As the operator of Peace Nobel Laureate Professor Yunus in the world of sport, YSH leads the international aspect of ESS 2024 platform and in particular its replication.